A Million For Ten Women Build

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Ten families – ten years.

Women in Regina Continue to Fund and Build Homes for

Habitat for Humanity Regina Families

A group of women will once again join forces to fund and build homes for deserving, low-income families in Regina in the coming months. To date, five families have become home-owners because of the generosity of women in Regina, and surrounding area, who each donate $1000 and their time to the cause.

Originating in Regina in 2011, and originally named 100K in 100 Days, this group is a movement of women who seek to help families achieve home-ownership through Habitat for Humanity's unique model which allows families to purchase the home interest-free and eventually own this life-changing asset.

100K in 100 Days referred to our original goal to raise $100,000 in 100 days. The initiative that kicked off in the fall of 2011 raised the funds in just 49 days with 100 women quickly stepping up to contribute $1000 each to help a family achieve home ownership.

Following the incredible success of year one, the committee launched 200K Women Build recognizing that many other women wanted to take part and once again the funds were raised very quickly with 200 women coming forward to participate.

Year’s three and four contributed to the cause as well, with many of the original women continuing to be supporters of the initiative and more homes were built and more families became home owners.

Since the beginning the goal has always been to help at least ten families achieve home-ownership through this powerful group of women who continue to fund and build the homes solely on their own. Going forward this initiative will rebrand and work towards that goal of “A Million for Ten – Women Build” as well as a million dollars in ten years. A Million for Ten refers to a million dollars for ten families. A million in ten pushes to reach that goal within ten years – by 2021. We are already more than halfway there!

Each of the women involved will contribute $500 or $1000 (please note monthly payments are available) to help fund the homes and also get involved in the following ways:

  • Attend the sod-turning and meet the families who will move into the homes funded by the Million for Ten Women Build group
  • Assist in construction (with help from Habitat's construction team)
  • Attend key ceremony and witness the families receiving the keys to their new homes

If you would like to join this passionate group of women, please register online at www.habitatregina.ca or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With sincere thanks,

A Million for Ten Committee:
Trish Bezborotko, Yvonne Slobodian, Susan Hertz, Glenda Heavisides, Randene Rourke, Lindsay Bezborotko, Jessica Artemko, Dezarae Senft

A Million For Ten 2017 Participants

Alliance Energy Ltd.
Holli Applequist - Appelquist Interior Design
Chris Arnstead
Jessica Artemenko
Janice Beattie
Katherine Berner
Linda Betnar
Denise Black
Amanda Boquist
Erin Campbell-Howell
Nancy Coates
Gayle Dodds
June Draude
Candace Fischer - Victoria Square Hearing
Jackie Hall
Glenda Heavisides
Pam Heid
Helene Henning-Hill
Marlene Hertz
Susan Hertz
Karen Hill
Wendy Holmes
Carol Kadash
Tania Korpus-Moller
Brenda Leach
Joanna Leach
Gail Lefebrve
Heidi Lindsay
Kerry Lumbard - Speers
Jean MacKay
Kayla MacKay
Janet Mclellan-Folk
Tracie McCracken - Eastgate Dental Clinic Regina
Beth Miller
Dr. Mina Patel
Keisha Peter - Victoria Square Hearing
Adynea Russell - MNP
Laura Redhead
Leanne Ripplinger - Ripplinger Homes
Kim Sakundiak - Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria
Carol Sakundiak
Dezarae Senft
Yvonne Slobodian
Tammy Slugoski - Tammy Slugoski
Laura Stahl
Joan Stricker - Fries Tallman Lumber
Susan Sutherland
Karen Tremblay
Lois Vanderhooft
Lorraine Wanner - Fries Tallman Lumber
Scarlett Wheaton

$1000 Donation

$500 Donation