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Blueprints and Blue Jeans is about individuals coming together to unite under the belief that everyone deserves a safe and decent place to live. It follows the philospohy of men in the community of Regina coming together and each making a donation of $1,000 toward the build of a home at Haultain Crossing, the largest Habitat for Humanity build in Saskatchewan history.

Home-ownership is proven to change the lives of families. Habitat for Humanity Canada took part in a study sponsored by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation that interviewed 185 partner families.

  • 40.6% of the families reported a marked increase in children’s school grades
  • 54.2% noticed an improvement in the behaviour of their children
  • 22.9% of parents went back to school to further their education
  • 34.1% of the income earners moved on to better jobs
  • 36.1% were less reliant on community programs and social assistance

Every $1.00 that is donated toward Habitat for Humanity Regina initaties $4.00 worth of benefit to society and the community.

To accomplish this, we are looking to you and your network to get involved. Your donation can be made by you, your company, in full or in payments. Please consider joining a group of like minded individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of Regina families.

You can join the Blueprints & Blue Jeans Mens Build by clicking below.

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2017 Mens Build Participants

Reg Robinson, Solvera Solutions
Roger Verhelst, Solvera Solutions
Robert Lane, Solvera Solutions
Derwin Arnstead
Rick Burton, Government of Saskatchewan
Mike Spelliscy, CGI